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Vol. 10, No. 1 • November 2008

How to Register

There are three ways to apply to register for child welfare training in North Carolina: online, fax, and US Mail.

Application and Notification
Whichever method you choose, submitting a registration application does not guarantee you a spot in training. After the closing date for registration, a registrar will update you on your status. You will receive either a letter confirming your registration, a “wait list” letter, or an “event full” letter. These will be sent to you as an e-mail attachment or by US mail. These letters will be sent only to the person enrolled for the course, not the person’s supervisor or the agency’s training administrator.

These procedures are followed for all but the pre-service course, Child Welfare in North Carolina. For the pre-service, confirmation letters will be sent out as soon as registrations are confirmed. Letters about pre-service registration status will be mailed or e-mailed to the supervisors of pre-service participants.

Online Applications
To apply to register online for Division-sponsored training events you must have an account on (for details, click here). Only staff from NC county departments of social services, state agencies, and private child-placing agencies are eligible to register for these events.

Once you have an account, go to <>. Log in to your account. Click on the “Find a Training” button. A menu will appear; use it to find course descriptions and a schedule of course offerings. Once you find your desired training event, click on “Submit Application for Registration” and provide the requested information. Your application will be received by the course registrar, who will update you on the status of your application.

Fax/US Mail Applications
In the future all registration applications will need to be submitted online. Right now, however, you can still submit an application via fax or US Mail. Here’s how:

Complete Your Application Form. Fill out a separate form for each event you want to attend. Use the form found at <>. Complete the application by printing or typing the information. Applications must be complete; incomplete applications will not be processed until all of the information is obtained. If you are admitted to the course, your name will appear on the certificate as it does on the first line of the application. Home phone numbers are requested in case of inclement weather.

Submission. Send applications to the course registrar; registrar fax and mailing information can be found in the Division’s training calendar or on Applications will not be accepted until after the registration opening date.

Key Information for All Applications

New Employees. Agencies with new employees to hire must use the new employee’s name and employment starting date when registering for training. Do not use another employee’s name to secure registration for the individuals to be hired.

After Registration Closes. If the registration closed date has passed and you have not yet registered but wish to, contact the course registrar. He or she will let you know whether space is available. Registration applications submitted after the closing date must be faxed.

No Substitutions. Agencies may not register one person and then send another person in his or her place, even if the first person cancels. Training slots are assigned to individual participants, not to a particular county. If someone cancels his or her registration, the registrar fills the classroom vacancy by contacting the next person on the waiting list.

Cancellations. If you are registered for a course but you cannot attend, please e-mail the course registrar immediately. This will make it possible to meet the training needs of staff from other agencies. If you register but do not attend and do not e-mail the registrar, your supervisor and agency director will receive a “No Show” letter notifying them of your absence from training.

Training Credit. To receive a certificate of completion participants must be present for the entire training, unless it is an emergency. If you miss the first day of training you will be asked to register for another event. If you must leave early or arrive late due to an emergency, speak to the trainer to arrange a time to make up missed material. Until the material is made up, you will receive an incomplete, and a letter will be sent to your supervisor informing them of your “incomplete” status.


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