Training Matters


Vol. 10, No. 1 • November 2008

Choosing Courses After the First Year

We suggest you do the following when choosing courses to meet training requirements after your first year:

Consult your supervisor. Your supervisor should be able to identify areas in which you need to improve. He or she may also suggest you take a course based on the needs of your agency. Use your supervisor’s feedback when selecting a course.

Assess your needs. To help you with this process, consult the Individualized Training Assessment. This online assessment, which takes about 15 minutes, helps you pinpoint your interests and identifies trainings tailored specifically to your needs. Access the ITA through <>.

Gather information. To learn about the courses offered, visit <>. Once you have a course in mind, ask people you know who have taken this course if they would recommend it.

Skipping these steps is risky. If you choose a course at random because you think of training as simply time away from the office or you are “just getting your hours in,” you may find yourself a prisoner in the classroom, which could be an uncomfortable experience for you and other participants.

Make the most your time. Of the 50 plus courses available, surely there is something out there that is either new to you or that you could benefit from reviewing.


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